Step Above provides the safest and strongest access to the roof of your trailer.  
Carrying hay or feed to your hayrack or pod has never been easier.
Pick up handle and turn it
slightly to release the ladder.
Hold ladder by its handrails
and lift to fully release from
the bottom bracket.
Continue to hold by hand rails
and extend fully to the ground
where it will adjust to the correct
  • Fast and simple installation

  • Can be mounted on the side or back or your trailer

  • Stores flat and scopes to the ground for easy access

  • Exclusive Design

  • Lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum construction

  • Suprisingly affordable

1601 W. Broadway
Andrews, TX 79714          
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Sizing requirements will vary for many trailers.  Because of this all
orders must be placed with a Step Above specialist who will
make sure that your Step Above Ladder fits properly.  Please
contact us at the number listed below.